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Thinking about doing MBA? Some Advice!

Many of you may be still confused about MBA. As a matter of fact  I was in the same dilemma a year ago before joining it. MBA is not a big deal, but how you study it, make the right choice of right college and make best of it is the thing.
May be now you are still tensed where to do probably if you have a good grade you may be in dilemma again and if you have poor grades still thinking about who will take me in. Guys don't worry about these thing but be patience and make best use of time.
The first step toward doing MBA starts from doing a GMAT. GMAT its not a big deal if you are applying for the nepali college here probably they have their own way of taking entrance. While if your target is abroad and especially to US be a bit serious. As real GMAT is tougher and it hits you where you are weak.

MBA Options


If you are a kind of homesick person and nation loving and do not want to move abroad or outside Nepal. I have provided the list of nepali colleges affiliated to nepali, indian and other universities.


Affiliation: Tribhuvan University
1. Tribhuvan University -School of Management Kirtipur

Affiliation: Kathmandu University
1. Kathmandu University - School of Management Balkumari

Affiliation: Pokhara University
1. Ace Institute of Management Sinamangal
3. Apex College Mid-Baneswor
4. Uniglobe College New-Baneswor
5. Pokhara University-Faculty of Management Studies Pokhara 
6. South Asian Institute of Management Lagankhel

Affiliation: Purbanchal University
1. Kathmandu Don Bosco College Balkumari
2. Kantipur City College Putalisadak
3. Kathmandu Valley College Kumaripati
5. Central Degree College Kusunti
7. White House Graduate School of Management New-Baneswor

Affiliation: Sikkim Manipal University (India)
1. Lord Buddha Education Foundation (LBEF) Maitidevi
Affiliation: Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) (India)
1. International Center for Academic College of Distance Education & Online Studies (ICA)

Affiliation: Bharathiar University (India)
1. Institute of Banking & Management Studies

Affiliation: International American University (USA)
1. King's College Mid-Baneswor
2. Presidential Business School Mid-Baneswor

Affiliation: Vinayak Missions University (India)
1. KFA Business School Mid-Baneswor

Affiliation: University of Madras (India)
1. Welhams College Kamalpokhari

Affiliation: Punjab Technical University (India)
1. Acer College Lokanthali
2. Padmashree College Tinkune


About India its preety cheaper than other European and US universities MBA Degree.
For futher information you can get a university guide booklet from Indian Embassy or at the Indian Library, NAC Building New Road.For further information you can also log to


Many of you may be lured  by European Universities Free Education Programme but remember guys MBA is not free!


US  as it has the highest standard of education and quality education. Many of you may be targeting to US Colleges and Universities. However the road to US is pretty hard; take GMAT test score 600+ and take IELTS/TOEFL test score good and lastly go for visa interview where refusal rate is very high. So think rational and take step carefully.
Queries concerning US education is no better than at USEF,Gyaneswor Kathmandu. The information is free,reliable and they process your document at cheaper rate.

Some of you may be wondering about scholarship so here is a tip please update yourself to

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